Is Vanicream Cruelty-Free? Here’s the Truth.

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You may have heard of Vanicream if you have sensitive skin. There are many people who use Vanicream products because they are designed to provide proper skin care for people with skin issues.

It helps that the products themselves are pretty high quality, and they are definitely comparable to other quality skin care products.

But how is Vanicream when it comes to its animal testing? While many companies in this industry choose to hide their animal testing, others still actively do their part to stop such cruelty. Is Vanicream cruelty-free or not?

That’s what I aim to find out.

What is Vanicream?

First, a bit of background. Vanicream is a health and beauty company that specializes in sensitive skincare products. it’s also the name of their various products, such as Vanicream moisturizer, body wash, shampoo, face cleanser, and vitamin serum.

Their products are also free of common chemical ingredients that may cause health problems, such as dyes, fragrances, lanolin, parabens, and formaldehyde releasers.

People with eczema have found great success with this product, saying that their conditions have cleared up within days of use. Others with sensitive skin don’t have any reactions to these products, saying that it works better than more expensive creams.

Is Vanicream Cruelty-Free? Here’s the Verdict.

Vanicream does not perform any animal testing. Their parent company, Pharmaceutical Specialties Inc., does not do any animal testing either. Therefore, Vanicream products are cruelty-free when sold in the United States.

The last bit of that sentence is important. Vanicream states that they do not perform any animal testing, but they only strongly discourage animal testing from third-party entities.

“We have not, nor will we ever, test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients. All our products go through extensive testing as well as we collect all documentation to ensure this to be true. The founders of this company have felt very strongly about this since day one, and that will never change—we take great pride in being cruelty free.

All of our sourced ingredients are selected based upon the ingredient manufacturers answering questions for us in regards to whether or not that specific ingredient has been tested on animals or is sourced from animals. We do not sell in China, and any countries outside the U.S that want to sell our products do sign a contract from us in which we state that we strongly discourage any 3rd party animal testing on our finished products.”

From Cruelty-Free Kitty

So any country that sells Vanicream outside of the U.S. technically doesn’t have to refrain from animal testing. That’s not to say that they automatically do, but if a country requires it then it has to be done. And that’s still animal cruelty that Vanicream is responsible for.

Ultimately, there isn’t enough information to conclude whether or not Vanicream is 100% cruelty-free, but it’s comforting to know that they are taking steps to limit and hopefully eliminate animal testing.

Not selling in China when the company can, which is always a huge market, is a good sign that the company truly believes what it says when it comes to animal testing.

Even so, always do due diligence. It’s up to you to remain vigilant that you don’t support companies willing to trick you into buying them.

Is Vanicream Confirmed to be Vegan?

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Some Vanicream products are not vegan, while others are vegan – the ones that are not vegan contain beeswax and honey, ingredients that are derived from bees (an animal by this definition). The ones that are vegan tend to contain mostly plant parts and maybe some other natural/synthetic ingredients.

In fact, Vanicream seems to be more focused on making products that are based on a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients while eliminating a lot of the irritants found in other skin care products.

There is a reason why doctors tend to recommend Vanicream products for their patients’ skin problems. It’s the real deal and for the right price. Now they just have to get rid of using beeswax and honey for health and beauty products.

Is Vanicream Sold in Countries that Require Animal Testing?

It’s unclear whether or not Vanicream is sold in countries that require animal testing. This isn’t readily advertised, and I’m sure that there are limits to how much information Vanicream can divulge on the matter.

That said, it isn’t sold in China, which requires animal testing. And while Vanicream strongly discourages animal testing for countries that sign up to sell Vanicream products, it can’t oversee whether or not other entities will actually follow this recommendation.

Does Vanicream Have Any Noteworthy Certifications?

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Vanicream does not have any noteworthy or eco-friendly certifications, but that may change in the future.

If it does, I’ll be sure to update this article to reflect what their certification is. And while they don’t have any formal certifications, such as being validated by eco-friendly and cruelty-free companies, they DO have the hearts of their customers.

Many people sing the products’ praises.

Is Vanicream Sustainable and Eco-Friendly?

Vanicream products are sustainable and eco-friendly – even the non-vegan ones. Beeswax and honey are both renewable and sustainable resources, so long as we keep the bees alive and well.

And due to the lack of chemicals in the products, there isn’t much that could leach into the soil should they end up on the ground. It won’t physically harm any plants or animals that are exposed to them either.

All in all, a pretty safe line of products for both animal and environmental health, not to mention just how relieving it is for chemical-free skin care products to exist that work well for people who historically struggle to find usable skin care products.

Great Alternatives to Vanicream

If you aren’t sold on Vanicream, there are still many great options for people who have skincare issues. Boscia, for example, boasts many of the same greater features while also having a PETA-approved certification.

Not to mention the other choices. Oils, butter, and even rose water can all serve as cruelty-free ideas. There is no need for animals to be tested for the sake of human health. It’s 100% possible for a company in this industry to create products that are great for animal and environmental health.

Boscia is just one example of that.

It’s up to us to support companies that support our planet and the animals that live on it. Vanicream is doing a good job so far, in my honest opinion. But they could still be better. Don’t be afraid to reach out and encourage them to revisit their policy on third-party testing.

The change will only happen when we all work together. So let’s tell companies to stop passively supporting animal testing. And I honestly believe that Vanicream could be a wonderful frontrunner in this eco-friendly race.

Final Thoughts

There are so many health and beauty companies that test on animals, so it’s refreshing to see one that actually kicks animal testing to the curb. They are so close to getting a big thumbs up from me, but I can’t ignore the fact that third-party entities may still be performing animal testing on Vanicream products.

The legal logistics of enforcing no animal testing for these other companies may prove to be too difficult for Vanicream, but it is my hope that they either try or ban sales to countries that are not cruelty-free.

With that said, thank you for reading. I hope you learned something new, and I will see you soon! Have an awesome, eco-friendly day!