How You Live Today Will Shape The Earth Tomorrow

The Future of Earth is in Your Hands

Let us know if you’ve heard this one before:

It’s election day. 10,000 people go to a voting center and vote for their favorite candidate. Meanwhile, 20,000 people decide to stay home because “their vote doesn’t really matter”. A candidate is chosen and the people who did nothing end up complaining the choice most.

All because they thought their vote didn’t matter.

Voter Apathy is Real and Dangerous

How you live today will shape the Earth tomorrow. It’s a fact.

Unfortunately, we tend to believe that our actions don’t affect the world. It doesn’t matter what the action is. Humanity is convinced that their actions “don’t make a difference”.

The problem is that when you group up a whole lot of people who think the same way, you get some serious issues.

It’s the reason why tons of waste end up in our oceans. It’s why marine animals end up choking to death on plastic wiring from a six-pack of soda. It’s the reason why there’s so much trash on the streets instead of in a trash can.

It’s so easy to think that you are the only one. When you think, “Oh, I won’t bother recycling this bottle of water. It’s just one bottle,” you are contributing to a huge problem.

Worse still, you are convincing other people to do those same actions. Because they end up thinking, “Well if they are doing it, why should it be a problem if I do it too?” This causes a chain reaction where millions of bottles end up tossed into environments that deserve better care.

And if you aren’t interested in keeping this beautiful Earth of ours alive for generations to come or believe that these are issues for someone else down the road, we get it.

As much we like to think otherwise, most simply aren’t motivated by compassion and altruism.

For those people, consider the following:

The plastic that you end up throwing away is ultimately consumed by animals. The same plastic that won’t biodegrade for hundreds of thousands of years certainly won’t be completely ingested by an animal.

When a piece of an animal finally ends up on your plate, that plastic will end up in your body instead. It won’t be obvious nor will it hurt you in the short-term. But over years of ingesting plastic and having it build up in your system?

That’s going to cause major health problems.

Think you are safe if you are vegetarian? The same scenario is even worse with fish.

And plastic releases some nasty chemicals into the soil over time, meaning the plants that you eat could also be harmful to your health.

We have a symbiotic relationship with the Earth. If we don’t treat it well, it’s not going to be good for us. And if you still believe that this doesn’t concern you, please read these points over and over until you have a change of heart.

So, what can we do?

We could go on about recycling your water bottles and preach to you about how you should donate your time to wildlife conservation. And while those things are great, they often require you to go out of your way to do so.

It’s inconvenient, which us humans despise in this day and age. It would be foolish to try to twist everyone’s arm into caring about the Earth because, ultimately, it’s an impossible goal.

Instead, we want to change the way people live their lives. Instead of forcing them to be eco-conscious, we want to present them with eco-friendly alternatives to their everyday habits.

As long as it’s not too inconvenient, these changes are far more likely to stick and will have a greater impact on the environment.

What are we talking about? Let’s look at some examples.

Instead of using a single-use plastic straw that’ll end up in either the ocean or a landfill, why not use a biodegradable paper one instead? Same sipping ability, but the biodegradable one will break down into eco-friendly materials in a much shorter amount of time.

Same with eco-friendly toilet paper. Instead of purchasing a roll of toilet paper that required a tree to be cut down, why not buy one that is made from an easily renewable source like bamboo? Same wiping action, but one is going to save a tree instead of killing it.

These substitutions are easy to make and simple to maintain. You wouldn’t even notice the difference in your day to day life. It won’t cost you any additional time and, in some cases, can save you money.

And when you decide to make these choices, you know that you’ll be having a direct impact on saving the Earth’s environment.

It’s easier to convince other people to make the same eco-friendly changes too once they see that they can help without having to make substantial, inconvenient changes.

That’s our goal: to give people the means to save the Earth and have them stick to those means. To make this as easy as possible for everyone, we spend hours upon hours researching, reviewing, and compiling the best products on the market.

We can still make a greener, better world. Help us do so today.

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