Dorai Bath Stone Review – Is it Worth Buying? [2023]

Dorai Bath Stone

When it’s time to get out of a bath or shower, no one wants to put their wet feet on the floor. A wet bathroom floor can lead to a host of annoying problems if it’s a repeat occurrence. Here are some of the problems that you might have to deal with:

  1. A disgusting damp, soggy smell.
  2. Swollen bathroom floors.
  3. A big falling hazard, especially for children and the elderly.

You probably don’t want to have to wipe up your floors all the time, so you could elect to get a bath or shower mat. And while these may be effective for a while, they come with their own set of problems. Some of these include:

  1. Absorbing too much water, leading to mold and bacterial growth over time. The bath mat also stops absorbing water and starts creating bigger messes.
  2. Requiring extra maintenance, since they’ll need to be washed and dried as a towel would.
  3. Short lifespan, as the material becomes less effective over time and will force you to replace it.

Not to mention the health implications.

“…most bath mats are made of vinyl (or PVC) which I learned is completely toxic. It is made with chemicals that are linked to liver damage as well as damage to the central nervous, respiratory and reproductive systems…

Excerpt from

We would rather skip all of the fuss and try something that doesn’t need so much work. The whole point of the bath mat is to make less work for you, right? And of course, we would like something that’s eco-friendly too.

So when we looked at the Dorai Bath Stone, we were excited to find a product that may be the answer to all of our concerns.

But to determine if this product is legit or not, we conducted a thorough review. This article will tell you what we found and answer the question “Is the Dorai Bath Stone worth the buy?”.

Without further delay, let’s get started!

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Dorai Bath Stone– Comprehensive Review

We aim to provide a clear-cut, comprehensive review detailing the ins and outs of this bath mat. To do so, we broke it up into separate sections:

  1. The Basics – Tells you the basics regarding the product.
  2. How Is It Eco-Friendly? – If it’s eco-friendly, describe how it is so.
  3. Pros – List all the pros of using this product.
  4. Cons – List all the cons of using this product.
  5. Conclusion – Final result
  6. Wrap Up – Ending thoughts.

Now, let’s talk about the first one: The Basics.

Dorai Bath Stone – The Basics

Dorai Bath Stone

We covered a lot of how Dorai products work in a review of their famous dish pad, but we’ll cover it again for people who haven’t read it.

The Dorai Bath Mat is unique among other bath mats due to how it’s designed. It’s made from a material called diatomaceous earth (DE). This material is both sustainable and designed to instantly remove water.

How DE Works

What’s really nice about DE is that it’s a multi-purpose material. It not only dries out water incredibly quickly, but it is also physically antimicrobial. It uses its powerful binding properties to lock in microorganisms and dry them out, killing them in the process.

This is different from a product being chemically microbial, meaning that harmful chemicals were used to ensure that no bacteria or parasites could survive. These chemicals can ultimately end up in our bodies and in the environment, so their use is not recommended.

As the name may imply, it’s more of a stone rather than the fluffy mats you may be used to.

The ceramic-like material is there to hold firm under your feet, assisted by a rubberized bottom pad to prevent slipping.

It’s a simple, chic, eco-friendly bath mat that looks to be a viable alternative to traditional bath mats. It looks nice enough in any modern bathroom and isn’t excessively bulky/large.

Dimensions: 23.6in (length) x 15.4in (width) x 0.4in (tall)

How Is It Eco-Friendly?

The Dorai Bath Stone offers unique eco-friendly advantages over traditional bath mats.

For starters, this bath mat is not made with any PVC, a common chemical found in many other bath mats. PVC is toxic and can be absorbed into our bodies through inhalation and skin contact over long periods.

PVC poisoning can lead to:

  1. Immune system damage.
  2. Hormone disruption.
  3. Cancer.
  4. Other severe health problems.

Even if you aren’t affected by PVC, the environment sure will be once you throw out a bath mat containing it. The breakdown of your bath mat will only help release PVC into the environment that much sooner.

And since PVC production has been researched to significantly contribute to global warming, that’s all the more reason to stop supporting products to utilize it.

As you can see, it’s important to avoid PVC when you can. And the Dorai Bath Stone isn’t made with any chemicals, let alone PVC.

Instead, the Dorai Bath Stone opts to use DE. By substituting chemicals with a naturally occurring sea mineral, both we and the environment can be happy and healthy.

This mat will also last much longer than a bath mat that requires constant upkeep, meaning that you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time (it’s designed to last many years).

While this may be small comfort, every step we can take to limit throwing our items away can have a huge positive impact.


The Dorai Bath Stone doesn’t come with many unique features, but it does its job very well. That alone could be worth more than a bunch of distracting bells and whistles.

Here is a quick table that summarizes the key points:

– Dries incredibly quickly (within seconds)
– Very efficient at keeping water off the floor

– Anti-slip bottom keeps the mat firmly in place
– Eco-chic design complements the look of most bathrooms
– Not made with harsh chemicals
– Built with antimicrobial properties
– Easy to maintain and clean if stained

We’ve stated a couple of these points before, but here is where we’ll really get into the details of each point.

First, we weren’t kidding when we said that the Dorai Bath Stone works very well. It has been carefully created to maximize the rate of water evaporation, all without the use of absorbing materials or chemicals.

Dorai Bath Stone drying super quickly.

That’s the power of using DE.

Don’t think that the bath stone is limited to just the bathroom, either. This mat can be used anywhere, though it’s recommended to be used in a place that gets easily wet.

You can use it as a plant holder or even as a place to temporarily hold wet shoes.

Another benefit of DE is that it is naturally antimicrobial. And we aren’t talking about infusing a bath mat with antimicrobial chemicals that can leach into your skin.

DE is physically antimicrobial. This means that physically traps microbes and pathogens within the confines of the mat itself, drying them out and ultimately killing them.

And since it dries so quickly, there is no opportunity for microbial growth. That means you won’t have to deal with the pesky invader known as mold; it wouldn’t be able to survive on this mat when it’s properly maintained.

The Dorai Bath Stone comes in two colors: Sandstone and Bora Bora Blue. You can pick the color that best fits your environment. We personally love the lighthearted feel that comes from the Bora Bora Blue.

It’s also pretty firm, too. While the feel of stone on feet takes some getting used to, you can be sure that it’s not going anywhere. The rubberized bottom locks the mat in place so you don’t have to worry about accidents waiting to happen.

As for stains, they are pretty easy to deal with. You might think that stains settle into the mat easily since it evaporates water quickly, but this is not the case. Light stains can be removed with a bit of sanding, while larger ones can be removed with hydrogen peroxide or bleach.

Overall, it’s pretty impressive.


Now, let’s talk about some of the not-so-great points for the Dorai Bath Stone.

Here’s a quick table summarizing the main points:

– Ceramic-like stone doesn’t feel as good as fluffy materials
– With enough water, the mat can be overwhelmed and grow mold
– Cleaning the mat does require some work
– Can break if hit with enough force

Let’s address the obvious question: is the Dorai Bath Stone as comfortable as your average bath mat?

If you are looking to put your feet on what feels like a fluffy cloud, you will be disappointed. The Dorai Bath Stone looks and very much feels like you are stepping on a smoothed rock. For some people, this can be off-putting and not very comfortable.

And while the bath stone can take up to 150% of its weight in water, it cannot evaporate very well if overexposed. It’s possible to effectively waterlog your bath stone, rendering the evaporation to be useless. This is not easy to do, but it is possible.

Naturally, this means that mold can eventually start to grow within the bath stone, albeit at a much slower rate. To prevent this, bath stones that have gotten extremely wet should be propped against the wall until it returns to their original color.

Cleaning the bath stone will require a bit more work than a traditional bath mat would, though this is entirely dependent on what the stone is being used for. It’s unlikely to be stained when used as a place to dry off after a shower, for example.

As stated earlier, light stains can be buffed out with sandpaper, and large stains can be driven out with bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Don’t worry, neither of these chemicals will discolor or affect the performance of the Dorai Bath Stone.

Finally, it is possible to rupture or break the bath stone with enough force. Dropping it from high elevations or excessive stomping can create cracks and tears. The mat is sturdy, but it is recommended not to apply more force than necessary.


Ultimately, how does the Dorai Bath Stone hold up?

We think that this bath stone manages to be a solid replacement for your traditional bath mat.

In terms of functionality, it’s superior to many other bath mats. In terms of eco-friendliness, this is also the case. The look of the bath stone is also unique and has a rather cool design.

Where it falls a bit flat is in how it feels. There is a reason why people get fluffy bath mats: they feel wonderful after a nice, warm shower. Stepping on a stone would be fun for the first few times, but we would understand if people got sick of it eventually.

After doing this review, we would say that this is worth buying as long as you do the research to determine if it’s right for you. We always encourage supporting eco-friendly companies but don’t buy something you aren’t going to like and use.

If we had to give it a number, we would give it a 9.0 out of 10.

Personally, we would like to see more variations of this bath stone. Having two colors to choose from is okay, but it does not compare to the vast number of choices that traditional bath mats offer. Maybe fit in some other designs too.

But all in all, the Dorai Bath Stone is a great investment. Many other people also seem to love this eco-friendly bath mat.

Positive Dorai Bath Stone Reviews

We recommend trying one out for yourself.

It’s honestly a pretty cool invention that can really do some good for the environment.

Wrap Up

Hey, you made it to the end! Thanks for reading our entire review!

As always, let’s continue to strive toward a greener, better way of living!