Top 10 Best Sustainable Phone Cases of 2023 + Buyer’s Guide

Sustainable Phone Cases

Like many other plastic products, plastic phone cases are not doing the environment any favors.

We all know why plastic is terrible for the environment. Plastic can leach toxins into the soil and surrounding area, physically harm or kill animals, and form microplastics that can affect gut health for animals AND humans.

Unfortunately, plastic phone cases are simply another way to add plastic to the ever-growing mountain of plastic that we dispose of every single day.

“More than 1 billion phone cases are produced every single year. They are typically used for 1-2 years, and then will spend centuries in landfills or in our oceans.”

Excerpt from

Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate the need for plastic when it comes to phone cases. We can instead swap to sustainable phone cases.

Sustainable phone cases are made from materials that are good for the planet. This means that they won’t leach toxins into the soil, directly harm animal life, or form harmful microplastics. Instead, sustainable phone cases offer an eco-friendly experience without sacrificing quality.

But like with many “green” products, there are companies that only want to LOOK eco-friendly without actually BEING eco-friendly. There are also plenty of companies that slap together a shoddy product that would end up being a costly repair when it can’t adequately protect your phone.

So to combat these shams and help you get the best bang for your buck, we put together this list of the top 10 best sustainable phone cases of 2022. We hope that you enjoy it and find it useful in your search for the perfect sustainable phone case.

Without further delay, let’s get started!

Note: We are committed to extensively researching and recommending the best products on the market. We are partnered with Amazon’s affiliate program and may receive commissions from affiliate links within our content, which comes at no extra cost to you.

Top 10 Best Sustainable Phone Cases

#1 – Pela: Phone Case [Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro]

Key Features:

  • Made from flax straw ‘waste’, plant-based biopolymers, and other organic ingredients (collectively known as “flaxstic”).
  • Natural texture and solid shock absorption properties.
  • Enrolled in 1% for the Planet, certified through the rigorous ASTM D6400 standard, and MIL-STD (military standard) certified.
  • Soft, flexible, sleek, and light by design.

Pela is one of the leaders for sustainable phone cases. The reason is obvious: they produce some of the finest phone cases in terms of both quality and sustainability.

This phone case is made from something called “flaxstic”. This material is a combination of flax straw byproduct, PLA, and other unnamed organic ingredients. This makes the case non-toxic for humans and the environment, and it allows the case to be biodegradable/compostable.

To prove that its claims are legitimate, every Pela phone case is certified through the ASTM D6400 standard for compostability in municipal and industrial composting facilities.

What we like the most about this phone case is its dedication to the consumer and the planet.

Pela is a part of 1% For The Planet, meaning that 1% of all sales are donated to organizations that promote sustainability. But just because it’s eco-friendly doesn’t mean that it’s not high-performance.

This phone case is also MIL-STD (military standard) certified, meaning that it can regularly withstand high-impact situations (at least a 4ft. drop) and sufficiently absorb the excessive force that would otherwise be applied to your phone screen.

There are also Pela cases that are compatible with other phone brands/models. You can click here to explore all of your phone options.

Other customers are also very pleased with their Pela phone case. Many of them stated that:

  1. The case is durable, yet a bit rubbery for shock absorption.
  2. The case offers extended protection for the camera.
  3. The case is lightweight, priced well, and looks nice.
  4. They are satisfied that the case will not be on the planet forever.

There were also a few minor complaints. Some of these stated that:

  1. The case was a bit too slippery out the box, though this corrected over time.
  2. It’s not compatible with an infinite phone ring.
  3. The case could be snugger.

Overall, these Pela is an industry leader that we can get behind. Its phone cases are solid while still being amazing for the environment. And the company isn’t afraid to back up its claims with hard evidence.

So if you want a phone case that you know you can trust, then you should check out the Pela phone case.

#2 – kalibri Case [Compatible with Apple iPhone 7/8 / SE (2020)]

Key Features:

  • Built from high-quality TPU and wheat straw fiber.
  • Uses a soft matte finish that guards against fingerprints.
  • Case cover backs and edges.
  • Provides precision cutouts for buttons, camera, ports, etc.
  • Raised bezel edge gives extra protection from scratches and bumps.

The kalibri Case is a modern, elegant, and eco-friendly way to protect your phone.

This phone case is good for the environment through its composition. It’s made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which is degradable, non-toxic, and doesn’t form microplastics.

This is mixed with wheat straw fiber, which helps TPU absorb shock better. This fiber is also recyclable and biodegradable, all of which are great for the environment.

What we like the most about this phone case is its soft matte finish. It feels good to hold while keeping fingerprints off the case. This keeps the look fresh and does not appear as though you’ve been handling the case for years on end.

What’s also nice is the fit of the case. It’s snug, but not impossible to remove. The raised bezel edges provide a bit more protection around the sides of your phone, meaning that you are less likely to drop it at an unfortunate angle and break it anyways.

The raised edges are also resistant to scratches, which works well with the matte finish to keep your case looking as clean as possible for as long as possible.

Other customers have had a very positive experience with this brand of the phone case. Many of these happy users have stated that:

  1. The case is a great value compared to other eco-friendly cases.
  2. It’s durable while not being bulky.
  3. It’s lightweight and easy to hold – doesn’t slip out of hand easily.
  4. They enjoy that the case is good for the environment.

As for complaints, some people have stated that:

  1. There was a bit of an odd smell when first used, but it went away.
  2. Comes packaged with plastic, which is definitely not eco-friendly.
    1. A bit of an addendum to this point: the company seems to have shifted from plastic packaging to using recyclable materials instead.

Overall, the kalibri Case is a good choice for people who want a good eco-friendly phone case without shelling out a lot of money for it. If that sounds like you, then you should check it out below!

#3 – Loam & Lore Wood Phone Case [Compatible with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro]

Key Features:

  • Made from recycled materials and natural bamboo wood.
  • Provides solid shock absorption and wrap-around protection.
  • Soft wooden matte finish that’s easy to put on and take off.
  • Wireless charging compatible.
  • A non-slip grip that is lightweight & flexible.
  • Delivered in recycled packaging – no plastic wrapping or labels.
  • Donates 5% of the profit from every sale to an eco-friendly charity and plants a tree with every order.

Loam and Lore is a fairly new sustainable phone case brand, but it’s quickly cementing itself as a top contender. This company goes the extra mile in maximizing quality with value, as well as putting extra effort into eco-friendly ventures.

The phone is primarily made from bamboo wood reinforced with recycled materials. This allows the phone case to be biodegradable and compostable according to European EN 13432 and USA BPI standards, meaning that it can break down within 3-6 months in ideal composting conditions.

As a result of its makeup, the phone case is non-toxic and doesn’t contain BPA, phthalates, or any other problematic chemical. It’s good for our health as well as the environment’s health.

The bamboo wood is a good finish, leaving it soft to the touch. It’s also easy to put on and take off, which is great because fighting with a phone case is never fun. As for the durability, it does a pretty good job. The recycled materials help with shock absorption that would otherwise travel through the wood, keeping your phone safe from drops.

But what we like the most about this brand is its dedication to the environment. Loam and Lore donate 5% of their profits to organizations that help that planet, which is 5x times greater than that of companies that join 1% For The Planet! It also plants a tree with every order, which helps rebuild areas that have been damaged by deforestation.

Did we mention that this company ships all of its products in recyclable packaging? Yep, no plastic is used at all!

Sleek, elegant look, and a non-slip grip that’s lightweight and flexible. There are a lot of good things to say about this brand.

And we aren’t the only ones that think so. Other customers have had very positive experiences with their Loam and Lore phone cases. Some people have stated that:

  1. It’s super smooth and constructed really well.
  2. It’s lightweight, super slim, and eye-catching.
  3. Despite the thinness of the case, it does well with shock absorption.
  4. It’s a great price for the quality that you get – great for budget hounds.

We could not find complaints about this product, which is a testament to its quality. But we would like to see more variations and styles for this wooden phone case, as well as more options for phones outside of Apple.

Overall, Loam and Lore’s Wood Phone Case is a brand that you can proudly support. The phone case is high-quality, eco-friendly, and priced below its worth. If you want to dip your toes into sustainable phone cases, then this one is a great choice to start with.

#4 – Ocean75 Eco-Friendly Phone Case [Compatible with iPhone 11]

Key Features:

  • Primarily made from plastic recovered from the ocean (<90%) – the phone case is recyclable.
  • Contains heavy metals at levels 10 times lower than RoHS regulations.
  • Comes in a range of striking colors designed with an ocean wave effect.
  • The packaging is made from recycled cardboard with no plastic window and is FSC-certified.
  • Donates £1 to 1 of 5 ocean conservation charities of your choice.

If you are looking for a phone case that supports ocean cleanup efforts, then the Ocean75 Eco-Friendly Phone Case might warrant your consideration.

When it comes to converting ocean plastic into a product, Oean75 is one of the best at doing so. The phone case is mostly made from recycled fishing nets that get left in the ocean, which tend to be a huge hazard for much marine life.

By fishing these nets out of the ocean and converting them into phone cases, we can enjoy a hardy phone case while keeping our friends in the ocean safe.

And don’t worry about picking up toxic chemicals from these plastic-converted phone cases, as the material is tested against EU REACH list 174. Making this list means that the product has a 10x lower concentration of heavy metals compared to what’s allowed in RoHS regulations, which is already strict, to begin with.

How is the case itself? It’s pretty good, but not the best. While it will protect your phone from drops and other impacts, it can start to crack around the edges over time.

The case is also pretty slippery, yet a bit rough to the touch. This can exacerbate the problem of dropping your phone, especially if you have clumsy hands. On the flip side, it’s very easy to pull this phone case out of your pocket. It just slips right out.

The company does its part in helping the environment in multiple ways. With the sale of every phone case, it will donate £1 (about $1.39) to 1 of 5 ocean conservation charities. The best part? You get to choose where this money goes!

All of the packagings are FSC-certified, meaning you can easily recycle it once you are done with it. Many “green” companies still ship with plastic, so it’s nice to see one that goes the extra mile to limit plastic waste.

Other customers have had a positive experience with this phone case. Some of them stated that:

  1. It’s a really nice case.
  2. The case is visually striking and fun to look at.
  3. They love that it’s made from recycled plastic.
  4. It’s a snug fit for their phone.

As for complaints, some people have stated that:

  1. It snapped in the upper left corner, where it is most weak.
  2. It’s difficult to prop a phone up due to the slickness of the case.
  3. There is no pop socket.

Overall, the Ocean75 Eco-Friendly Phone Case is a solid choice for people who are looking to support ocean conservation efforts. While the case may not be the strongest, there’s no doubt that our oceans are improving thanks to people like you supporting it.

So if you can get behind that idea, consider checking out the phone case below!

#5 – Woodcessories Case [Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10]

Key Features:

  • Made of solid wood & silicone.
  • Compatible with wireless charging (Qi).
  • Comes with a drop-proof Air-Shock frame.
  • Ultra-slim & lightweight.
  • A tree is planted for every case sold.

The Woodcessories Case is a timeless classic when it comes to wooden phone cases. The elegance of the case, its eco-friendly nature, and its powerful protective ability make it a fan favorite for many people.

Woodcessories is a company that looks to reduce plastic use and waste. That’s why its phone case lacks any sort of plastic whatsoever. Instead, the case is made from sustainably sourced wood and silicone.

You might be wondering whether silicone is good for the environment. While silicone is not biodegradable, it’s non-toxic and doesn’t generate nearly as much waste during production compared to plastic.

The company also maintains a recycling program for all of its bioproducts (including this very phone case). Once you are done with your case, you can send it back to them and even get a 30% discount for your next purchase.

Woodcessories will also plant a tree for every phone case sold, helping to rebuild and replace trees that have been cut down.

As for the case itself, you won’t be disappointed. The wooden base greatly increases the case’s durability, while the silicone reinforcement acts as a strong shock absorber. Dropping this phone case won’t even leave a dent in it, all while neutralizing the shock that could otherwise break your phone.

The case is made to pop into your phone and hold it tightly. It’s a pretty slim, lightweight case that honestly doesn’t look as strong as it is. It’s sleek and you’ll feel cool walking around with it.

Together, these qualities make a case that looks great and functions just as well.

We aren’t the only ones that think so, either. Other customers have had positive experiences with their Woodcessories phone case. Some of them have stated that:

  1. The side bumpers have a good grip and the case has a good feel.
  2. The case feels sturdy and looks great.
  3. The workmanship is high-quality.

You can also explore the full range of Woodcessories phones for different Samsung phone models.

As for complaints, some people have stated that:

  1. Not enough protection is offered between the screen and the case.
  2. The edges don’t protrude far enough to offer universal protection.

Overall, the Woodcessories Case is a great option for people who like the wooden design and prefer their case to be slim & light. It’s strong enough to survive multiple panic drops, but it’s best not to make a habit out of them in the long run.

If that sounds good to you, you should check it out below!

#6 – eplanita Eco Phone Case [Compatible with iPhone 7/8/SE 2020 Mobile]

Key Features:

  • Made from wheat straw and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  • Good shockproofing and anti-drop protection.
  • Slightly matted texture protects from fingerprints and scratches.
  • Available in 6 amazing colors with a natural rustic appearance or stains.
  • Cases come in minimalistic packaging made from 100% recycled paper.

The eplanita Eco Phone Case is the kind of case that you would expect an eco-friendly case to look like. It’s fairly plain, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a good, quality phone that aims to do right by the environment.

This case is made from wheat straw TPU, which is a synthetic material combined with natural plant-based resources. This allows the material to be biodegradable and compostable, though it should almost always be composted.

The company claims that their product can break down in soil or a commercial composting facility, but only the latter is true to a meaningful extent. While it will eventually break down in the soil, it will break down much more quickly in a composting facility (within 90 days).

The case is also a good shock absorber. TPU is famous for its high resistance to abrasions (scratches, marks, etc.) and impacts (falling from high places), making it the perfect standalone material for a phone case.

The edges are pulled out just a bit (we’re talking millimeters here) to prevent your phone screen from ever hitting the ground, offering solid protection for one of the most vulnerable parts of your phone.

And if the rusted, natural appearance isn’t doing it for you, you can choose from 6 unique colors to achieve your perfect phone case look.

We think highly about this case (as you might have guessed), but what do other people think?

Many have sung high praises for this phone case, stating that:

  1. It has a beautiful color, solid flexibility, and smooth texture.
  2. It’s light and good at absorbing shock.
  3. The raised edges offer great screen protection.
  4. It’s wonderfully sturdy and fits perfectly.

As for complaints, some people have stated that:

  1. The yellow color tends to stain easily.
  2. The color tends to fade over time.
  3. It caused their phone to overheat.

Overall, this is a good phone case for people who want to ensure that their phone can be broken down in the environment without dumping any nasty toxins. Choosing this case also means supporting the production of a material that consumes far fewer resources and produces far fewer toxins.

If that sounds great to you, then we recommend checking this case out!

#7 – Inbeage Biodegradable Phone Case [Compatible with iPhone X/Xs]

Key Features:

  • Made from wheat straw and TPU.
  • Shock-proof, drop-proof, and anti-scratch.
  • Slim, flexible, and grippy.
  • Raised bezels provide extra protection for the screen/camera.
  • Precise cutouts for buttons, ports, speaker(s), and camera(s).
  • Compatible with wireless charging.
  • Minimalist design with a natural texture – available in 4 colors.

The Inbeage Biodegradable Phone Case is a solid alternative to the previous phone case if you are looking for something that has a few more features going for it.

This phone case is made from wheat straw and TPU, which gives it durability and flexibility while keeping it biodegradable/compostable. The company states that their phone case will completely degrade in soil within 3 to 5 years, but this has not to be substantiated with scientific evidence. That’s why we recommend taking this case to a commercial composting facility to ensure a timely decomposition.

We would also like to mention that this company donates 1% of its total sales to a non-profit organization, though it’s not specified which one it is.

The case itself is great. The combination of wheat straw and TPU is wonderful for phone protection. You won’t have to worry about shocks, drops, scratches, or fingerprints ruining your phone over time. It’s easy to put on and easy to pop off, yet it manages to keep a snug fit around your phone when it is on.

The case is slim and flexible, as no one likes dealing with bulky cases. And for people who have unstable hands, the extra grip afforded by the material helps reduce the number of drops. Despite the grip, it’s not going to get stuck in your pocket; it comes right out when you need it.

The edges of the phone case are raised, protecting your phone screen and camera from incidents that would be problematic with thinner phone cases. The case also provides cutouts for your buttons, camera(s), ports, and speaker(s) so that you always have easy access to your phone’s features.

But because of this, it’s important to ensure that this case is compatible with your phone model. Always double-check to see if the model is right for you. If this particular model isn’t right, then you can check out all of the other options here.

Finally, the minimalist, natural texture of the case makes it a modern classic. There are 4 different colors to choose from, and all of them look pretty good. Finally, the phone case is also compatible with wireless charging.

Other customers have had an overall positive experience with this phone case, with many of them stating that:

  1. It’s lightweight and sufficiently flexible.
  2. It has a great color and feels high-quality.
  3. They enjoyed that it came in eco-friendly packaging.
  4. It grips better than they thought considering how smooth it is.

As for complaints, some people have stated that:

  1. The colors don’t always completely match with the product descriptions.
  2. The packaging is confusing, stating that the material is made of silicone (it is not).

Overall, this phone case is a bit more feature-friendly than other cases while retaining its eco-friendly nature, all at a good value. If that sounds like something useful to you, then we recommend checking out this phone case.

#8 – Wilma Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Mobile Phone Case [Compatible with iPhone 11]

Key Features:

  • Made from plant-based resources.
  • Meets the European standard EN 13432 for biodegradability.
  • Scratch-resistant, drop-proof, and naturally shock-absorbent.
  • Gives $1 on Save the Ocean projects per case sold.
  • The packaging is made from recycled, eco-friendly materials.

The Wilma Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Mobile Phone Case is a bold, powerful case that promises to provide a quality experience for both you and the environment.

This case is stated only to be made from plant-based resources. This could be bamboo, wheat straw + TPU, or another popular choice for phone case material.

Regardless, these plant-based resources have met the European standard EN 13432. This means that this case is certified to disintegrate after 12 weeks, and completely biodegrade after six months.

The company also donates $1 to an ocean conservation organization for every case sold, signaling that they are doing their part in protecting our aquatic environments from further harm.

It also sticks to recycled, eco-friendly materials for its packaging, reducing as much plastic waste as possible.

The phone case itself is resistant to scratches, drops, and is a good shock absorber. Unlike other phones, it doesn’t have much of a raised edge. This can provide a sleeker design, but it can also expose the more vulnerable parts of your phone.

Other customers have had a positive experience with this phone, with many of them stating that:

  1. The case is slim and lightweight.
  2. It fits perfectly around their phone.
  3. The color and design is appealing.

As for complaints, some people have stated that:

  1. One of their cases arrived damaged.
  2. Their case was wrapped in plastic, which is environmentally concerning (likely due to Amazon, as other eco-friendly companies have had this issue despite using eco-friendly packaging materials).

Overall, Wilma Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Mobile Phone Case is a certifiably eco-friendly case that covers the basics well. If you value simplicity and slimness, you can’t go wrong with this case.

#9 – Reveal Cork Wood Case [Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max]

Key Features:

  • Made from wood cork, TPU, and leather.
  • Lightweight, sleek, unique, and stylish.
  • Natural shock absorption and water resistance.
  • A natural texture that provides a protective non-slip grip.
  • The company plants a tree for every product sold and uses eco-friendly packaging.

The Reveal Cork Wood Case is a fantastic example of ingenuity. Much like bamboo-sourced products, this phone case chooses an alternative to virgin wood fibers.

The material we are talking about is wood cork, which you may be familiar with as a stopper for wine bottles.

The eco-friendly advantage to using wood cork is that it can be sourced from a tree without damaging it, which protects the tree from being cut down while still being able to utilize its wood. The production of wood cork also leaves a very small ecological footprint, keeping toxins and chemicals out of our environments.

The consumer advantage of using wood cork is that it’s a good shock absorber and is water-resistant. This makes sense when you remember that it’s most used for trapping wine in bottles.

But wood cork isn’t the only material used in this case. TPU and leather are also used in this phone case. TPU is compostable and natural leather is also compostable. And obviously, wood cork is biodegradable as it’s sourced from a natural material.

Let’s talk about the case. This phone case looks amazing. It has a bold appearance and looks like it was taken right off a tree. When it comes to rocking the natural look, this case is one of the best that we’ve seen.

The case itself is slim, thin, and easy to fit your phone in. The base material is TPU and leather, while the back of the case is fitted with wood cork. The result is a decent protective casing.

Unfortunately, the dedication to slimness sacrifices some of the actual protection. The edges are not raised very high and the case is more like an extension of your phone. While it will protect your phone from minor drops, we don’t recommend high or frequent drops.

What do other people think? Other customers seem to love this phone case, many of them stating that:

  1. The cover is chic and lightweight.
  2. This is a great looking case and makes the phone easy to grip.
  3. It is slim, low profile, and unique.
  4. The case protects their phone really well and gets many compliments.
  5. They like that this case is flexible.

As for complaints, some people have stated that:

  1. They wish the case had a larger lip to cover the edges of the phone.
  2. Their case was wrapped in plastic, which is environmentally concerning (likely due to Amazon, as other eco-friendly companies have had this issue despite using eco-friendly packaging materials).
  3. It doesn’t seem very protective.

Others have stated that the case is an example of greenwashing since it looks like it’s made of plastic with a small wood cork back, but the plastic is compostable TPU. While it may seem similar to plastic, it’s structurally different to allow for biodegradation.

Overall, this phone case is a must-have for people who value sustainable fashion. As a protective case, we hope that there are improvements to the design to reach the protective ability of similar eco-friendly cases.

#10 – Zen Garden Bamboo Case [Compatible with iPhone XR]

Key Features:

  • Made from bamboo.
  • Elegant, sleek, and stylish.
  • Access to all ports, buttons, camera(s), and speaker(s).
  • Slim fit, protective non-slip design.
  • The company plants a tree for every case purchased.

The Zen Garden Bamboo Case is another phone case that rocks the natural design, this time by implementing a natural, renewable resource.

This case is made from bamboo, which is a sustainable alternative to wood/wood fibers. This is because bamboo is visually similar and operates similarly to wood, making it an effective replacement. Bamboo also grows much faster than trees do, so the ecological impact is very small when harvesting the plant.

And when it’s time to dispose of it, bamboo is biodegradable and compostable, leaving only carbon dioxide and water after decomposing.

What we like the most is the appearance, hands down. This case is perfect for environmentalists and naturalists who are looking to get away from the clunky look of a hardcore plastic case. It’s elegant, sleek, and refined to demonstrate your love for the environment.

Best of all, the company plants a tree with the purchase of each case. You are doing your part in making the world a greener, better place just by supporting an eco-friendly brand.

As for the case itself, it does its job well enough. It’s not the strongest case out there, as bamboo will start to break when repeatedly dropped. It is scratch-resistant though, so you won’t have to worry about your phone picking up any unneeded tears.

But we still wouldn’t recommend dropping your phone too much with this case.

What do other people think? There has been a pretty positive reception for this product. Happy customers have stated that:

  1. It has a great color and fit.
  2. It is a beautifully clean looking, durable, and well-made case.
  3. It fits perfectly, looks great.

As for complaints, some people have stated that:

  1. It’s cool but broke too quickly.
  2. It looks too dark – like a plain black phone case from 3ft away.

Overall, the Zen Garden Bamboo Case presents an aesthetic that we can get behind while retaining eco-friendly properties. If you are looking for a case that presents visual appeal and ease of use, we recommend that you check this one out.

What To Look Out For When Picking Sustainable Phone Cases

Here are a few things that you should keep an eye on when shopping around.

The Model Of The Phone Case

You are going to want to make sure that the phone case is appropriate for your phone.

A bit of fair warning: you’ll have to do a bit of digging to find a sustainable phone case outside of an iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung model. The most common phone cases we found were for Apple phones, then Samsung phones, then Google phones.

We also recommend that you take a second look to see if the phone case is compatible with an upgraded model. Some phones will change their camera placement depending on the upgrade, which can affect the compatibility of the case.

If you can’t find the exact phone case that specifies compatibility with your phone, then getting a phone that’s within the base model specs will usually work just as well. But again, always check and see before buying.

It can be frustrating to buy a phone case and discover that it doesn’t fit your needs. Don’t let that be you!

The Materials Used In The Phone Case – How They Are Eco-Friendly

You should pay attention to what was used to build the phone case. The type of material used to make it will tell you how eco-friendly it is. Don’t fall for phone cases that just LOOK good for the environment (we saw a few of those promoted alongside actual sustainable phone cases).

Wooden phone cases are popular and very strong. Since they are made of wood fibers, these phone cases tend to be biodegradable and compostable as well.

The trade-off is that it takes trees to make wooden products, meaning that trees were cut down and processed. This can be mitigated by ethically-sourced tree forests or company-sponsored tree planting.

Bamboo phone cases are the most sustainable. They are often biodegradable and compostable, and they are sourced from a plentiful plant that is easy to grow.

The trade-off is that bamboo cases aren’t as impact-resistant as their wooden counterpart. To address these issues, sometimes these phone cases are reinforced with other materials. This can affect how biodegradable/compostable/non-toxic the phone case ultimately ends up being.

Phones cases made from recycled materials are the closest you’ll get to a traditional phone case. Like plastic phone cases, recycled phone cases are tough and can withstand drops very well.

Recycled phones cases also help keep the ocean clean, since these cases are often made from materials pulled from the waters.

There are even vegan phone cases, which are a great buy for animal activists. These tend to use materials that don’t require animals whatsoever.

Unfortunately, most vegan phone cases tend to skimp on the environmental aspect and don’t offer much else in terms of sustainability.

Finally, phone cases made from polylactic acid (PLA) mimic many of the same benefits of a plastic phone while still being compostable. PLA phone cases can break down into carbon and water when exposed to the appropriate environmental conditions, which is usually in a commercial composting facility.

As you can see, there are many different ways to approach sustainability in a phone case. You should pick the one that aligns best with your values.

Environmental Certifications, Carbon Neutrality, End Of Life, And Company Care

If you want to ensure that your sustainable phone case is legitimate, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for environmental certifications.

These can vary depending on the type of phone case as well as where the cases are being produced. But there are a few certifications that you can be confident in:

  1. Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
  2. ASTM D6400 or D6868
  3. 1% For The Planet
  4. Climate Neutral

The first two (BPI and ATSM) are geared towards confirming a product’s ability to be composted in a commercial or industrial composting facility. A product that has these certifications can break down into carbon and water in proper environmental conditions.

Companies that join 1% For The Planet pledge 1% of their total sales to sustainable efforts. There is nothing more telling than a company that is willing to put their own money into the environment outside of promoting their product.

And of course, companies that participate in Climate Neutral pledge to keep their carbon emissions to negligible levels. After all, it’s counterproductive to produce eco-friendly phones if the environment suffers during production.

Now, many sustainable phone cases come from smaller companies that can’t afford to commit to these certifications and pledges. We aren’t saying that their product is any less legit.

But if you want to make sure that your product can back up its claims, then you can’t go wrong with certifications.

Finally, you should consider the end of a phone case’s life. Eventually, you will need to dispose of the case.

Phone cases made from compostable materials (wood, bamboo, or PLA) are ideal, as they can be broken down into basic elements without leaching harmful chemicals or forming microplastics.

Re-recycling a recycled phone case may be possible, but you should check with the phone case company to make sure that this is possible.

The Durability Of The Phone Case

You want to make sure that your phone case can do its main job – protecting your phone from unwanted cracks due to impact. If you are clumsy like us, all the more reason to have a durable phone case.

Now, pretty much every company advertises that their product is durable. It’s one of the main selling points of a case, after all. But this may or may not be true.

One case may be able to withstand a few drops without a scratch but then end up breaking apart after the next one. Or another case may not absorb impact as well, transferring more force into your phone screen instead. You might walk away with a damaged phone screen and a perfectly intact case.

The easiest way to find out is to check many customer reviews. If the product has a flaw in its practical design, then multiple people should be exposed to it and report it. You can make informed decisions based on what disgruntled or pleased people say.

If a company provides testing results for its phone case’s durability, all the better. But this is very rare.

The Visual Design Of The Phone Case

Do you want to show off your more natural side? Or do you want to make a passionate statement on preserving our oceans?

No matter how you slice it, the visual design of the phone case is important too. People generally are not going to choose a phone case that they think is ugly, we get that. But the appearance of your phone case can send messages to other people.

A wooden or bamboo phone case, for example, is pretty noticeable among a sea of plastic phone cases. People will be intrigued by the case and start to ask some basic questions. That’s a good opportunity to tell them about why you decided to get an eco-friendly phone. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard and annoy them 😉

Wooden cases also just look cool. There’s nothing wrong with showing off a unique bit of style.

Recycled phone cases are less obvious, but they can also be good conversation starters for people with a good eye. Vegans’ phone cases demonstrate your support of animals, which you can talk about as long as it’s done tastefully.

But no matter what design you go with, you can be proud that you are supporting green companies and doing your part to reduce plastic consumption and waste.

Any Extra Features Or Accessories Included

Phone cases are pretty basic. They don’t tend to come with a lot of bells-n-whistles. Instead, phone case companies tend to focus more on improving the quality of their phone case.

That said, any phone cases that come with any unique features or additional accessories should also be taken into account. In most instances, additional features will bump up the price while additional accessories won’t.

You pay for quality but don’t be fooled into thinking that price is the only indicator. Researching the company’s values, efforts, and certifications will give you all the information you need to make a good decision.

Certain features may be more important to you than others. The addition of said features may increase the price of the phone case, which is something you may or may not be comfortable with. If the convenience is worth the price, then go for it! If not, then shifting your expectations around might work better for you.

It’s always a good idea to weigh your options against your wallet.

Wrap Up

All right, that wraps up our list. We hope you enjoyed it!

As always, thanks for reading! We appreciate you stopping by!

Let’s continue to strive for a greener, better way of living!