Top 10 Best Biodegradable Confetti + Buyer’s Guide [2023]

Confetti on white background

Did you know that biodegradable paper confetti has been around for over a century? It was invented back in 1875 by an Italian businessman who thought that confetti would be a great addition to an upcoming parade.

Even back then, people tied confetti to celebratory events like parades, parties, and other social gatherings. And for good reason – confetti is a visual spectacle and throwing it is a fun activity for anyone.

As confetti became more popular, different types of confetti became increasingly popular. One type was foil/plastic confetti, which drew attention thanks to its remarkable shine and sheen.

Unfortunately, confetti is marred with two big problems – it is a pain to clean up and it usually isn’t good for the environment. The confetti used in the New Year’s ball drop, for example, takes the New York sanitation team 12-16 hours to completely clean up. That’s a lot of mess to clean!

And unfortunately, traditional plastic confetti is like other plastics in that they do not biodegrade.

This comes with a big list of environmental problems, but the main issue is that they get swept into natural environments, where they are consumed by animals. This leads to microplastic formations, which can have a direct impact on the health of animals and humans.

Thankfully, we have eco-friendly alternatives. Leaf confetti and rose petals are popular choices for eco-friendly weddings. But for those who still want confetti as we know it, we just need to go back to how confetti started.

Paper confetti is also an eco-friendly substitute for foil/plastic confetti. As it is only made of paper, it is 100% biodegradable. It breaks down pretty quickly too, so you don’t have to worry about missing a few flakes when it’s time for clean up.

But there are bad deals and sneaky “eco-friendly” confetti that’s not actually good for the environment. To make sure you get the best deal and genuine products, we compiled a list of the top 10 best biodegradable confetti on the market.

So sit back, relax, and take a look at some great eco-friendly confetti options!

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Top 10 Best Biodegradable Confetti

#1 – Bright Floral Multicolored Confetti

Key Features:

  • Thin, multi-colored paper confetti
  • Great for parades, birthdays, and weddings
  • Acid-free, fade resistant and color-fast

The Bright Floral Multicolored Confetti is a great choice for those who want a bit of flavor in their party.

This multi-colored array of thin paper confetti provides the perfect amount of colorful pizzaz to any celebration, whether that be a parade, a birthday, or even a wedding.

You can also use this confetti for confetti poppers, baskets, buckets, cones, balloons, tables, vases, and so much more. That’s a lot of value coming from just a bag of this stuff. If you are wondering how much you may need, a single bag will be suitable for about 15-20 guests to toss around 4 tablespoons of confetti. For smaller celebrations, that’s more than enough to have a confetti party.

Customers really seem to like this product, saying that:

  1. It worked fantastic for their wedding.
  2. It was festive and good for backyard use.
  3. It was perfect for graduation pictures.
  4. It was bright, fun, and flew around perfectly.

The only negative brought up was the price, which others mentioned was overpriced for how much you get. It’s understandable to want to save money. But if you are looking for high-quality, biodegradable glitter, then you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get your money’s worth.

Overall, the Bright Floral Multicolored Confetti is an excellent all-rounder choice for confetti. It can be used for many events and turn any party into a true celebration.

#2 – Hooray Rosay – Biodegradable Dried Rose Petal Push Pop Poppers

Key Features:

  • Uses real, dried, and magenta-colored roses and pink crinkle paper stuffing
  • Can be push popped or waved in the air
  • Great for graduations, weddings, photos, and bridesmaid proposal boxes

The Hooray Rosay – 4 Pack Dried Rose Petal Push Pop Poppers are a great way to allow your guests a bit of interactivity when it comes to raining down confetti.

It’s very simple to use. You can push the bottom of the popper and cause rose petals to explode from the canister, similar to that of a firework. Or, if you prefer something less explosive, you can remove the lid and simply wave the rose petals out of the canister like you are using a wand.

Push poppers allow for a bit more control and better timing on part of the guests, which can allow you to get some really amazing confetti photos. Having party-goers rain down these petals from a higher location for some of your wedding photos is a great way to include your guests as you commemorate the occasion, for example.

Customers definitely enjoy this product, saying that:

  1. The rose petals were perfect – not too dry or light. The containers are reusable, too.
  2. The petals come with a strong natural fragrance.
  3. The poppers worked well for a small birthday party in a woodsy area thanks to its biodegradable nature.
  4. The pictures that involved the rose petals looked great.

However, you should be aware that these poppers are not very powerful, especially compared to traditional confetti poppers. For those of you looking for a truly pop-tastic popper, you might be disappointed. The nature of using rose petals instead of confetti also makes them fall much quicker, which is easier to clean but harder to time pictures with. Finally, the poppers themselves are made from plastic and not biodegradable.

Overall, the Hooray Rosay – 4 Pack Dried Rose Petal Push Pop Poppers are a worthy addition to any celebratory event. They are easy to use and offer a very beautiful visual for those who use them. If you don’t mind the lack of popping power, then you’ll likely find these biodegradable rose petal push poppers to be perfect for your special day.

#3 – White Gold Biodegradable Confetti Mix

Key Features:

  • Uses biodegradable, paper-thin material
  • Excellent for floating through the air and plenty of material in each bag
  • Great for weddings, outdoor parties, and more

The White Gold Confetti Mix is a classic celebratory color combination. It’s usually used for anniversaries, especially wedding ones, but it is also used for other social events. You will usually see this white and gold confetti for adult celebrations, but kids will love it too!

One bag of this confetti will get you around 25 handfuls, so plan accordingly. It’s also stuffed rather tight within its plastic bag, so take care when opening the bag to prevent accidental messes.

Since the confetti is made from paper-thin material, it shouldn’t cause any problems for the environment. As for wedding venues, make sure to check with the venue owner before going to town. Some outdoor venues may keep your deposit even if you stick with biodegradable confetti while others will not.

Customers generally rated this product highly, stating that:

  1. The confetti is beautiful.
  2. The color combo is pretty.
  3. It shows up great in photos.
  4. They were happy that it was good for the environment.

There are some complaints, however. Some customers questioned the confetti’s biodegradability. One even left a few pieces in water to see if it would biodegrade, to no success. However, that’s not how biodegradation works. This confetti needs to be exposed to basic natural environments in order to successfully biodegrade; water alone is not going to cut it.

Other complaints claimed that the colors were dull and the price was high for how much confetti you get. But when comparing other customer photos, the advertised colors seem to match what is given. As for the price, high-quality products often command a higher price. There are certainly cheaper alternatives if you wish to pursue them, but you may be disappointed by the level of quality.

In conclusion, the White Gold Confetti Mix is a solid confetti choice that is sure to spruce up any party. As for us, we recommend grabbing a bag or two for your next anniversary. It’ll make the occasion that much brighter!

#4 – Legend & Co. Large Confetti Cannons

Key Features:

  • Uses biodegradable, water-soluble rice paper
  • Uses a large popper to explode the material – good for some noise and launch distance
  • The material is all white, making it fantastic for darker venues or outdoor weddings

The Legend & Co. Large Confetti Cannons are just that – cannons! Or at least, that’s what they feel like to us. These confetti poppers are fairly large, coming in at 12 inches for each tube (5 tubes for pack). Think of holding your standard ruler. This can make it challenging for younger kids to handle; even the manufacturer recommends it for adult use only.

Unlike other paper-based confetti, this one is made from rice paper. Rice paper is a very thin, water-soluble material that can function very similarly to regular confetti. The big difference is that rice paper breaks down when exposed to water.

A good rain after a party can wipe away any trace of this material within hours. It’s also easy to biodegrade, so it should break down completely within a max of a few weeks. This attribute makes it a good fit for outdoor parties and events. You can expect to launch your confetti up to 20 feet (6 meters) in the air, which is nothing to sneeze at.

These poppers can make some real noise due to the sudden release of pressure after activation, which is something to definitely be aware of. You can accidentally surprise or spook people who aren’t expecting it, so please be aware of your surroundings.

That said, people absolutely love these confetti poppers. Some have stated that:

  1. They are so much fun that they bring happiness to your day.
  2. The launch distance exceeded their expectations.
  3. They are fun and easy to use – very simple directions.
  4. They let out a satisfying “BOOM” and rain lots of confetti down from the sky.
  5. There was no staining or color leaching after they dissolved

The biggest issue to these awesome poppers is the price. The higher price for only 5 tubes can make them an expensive pick for larger social events. If you are looking to save money, you might want to consider only grabbing a few of these and supplementing the rest of your confetti needs with a bag of confetti.

But if money is no concern, grabbing a few orders of the Legend & Co. Large Confetti Cannons will turn your party into a fun, unforgettable experience.

#5 – White Cream Ivory Wedding Confetti

Key Features:

  • Uses biodegradable, paper-thin material
  • Excellent for floating through the air for that perfect photo
  • Specialized for weddings and other adult social events

Like the #3 on our list, the White Cream Ivory Wedding Confetti is fashioned from paper-thin, biodegradable material. This material allows the confetti to gracefully flutter to the ground after being launched into the air, preferably by eager guests.

But what makes this confetti unique is the color choice. The white and creamy ivory colors add a sort of elegance to the celebration. While it is dazzling in its own way, it retains a sort of grace and maturity that can only be expressed through the lighter color tones. As such, this confetti is great for weddings, anniversaries, and other primarily adult parties.

We like this confetti for themed photos too. Christmas pictures, for example, would benefit from the snow-like colors drifting from the sky. It’s an excellent and tasteful substitution for real snow. You can have a “snowy day” just with the liberal use of this confetti, which kids would love tossing around. You can expect about 25 handfuls (60g or 2oz) from each bag.

You can also use this confetti as a decorative piece. Some uses include lining aisles and stuffing flower baskets.

Customers have highly enjoyed this confetti, claiming that:

  1. It’s biodegradable, lightweight, and beautiful.
  2. It’s exactly what they needed for their outdoor wedding.
  3. A little confetti goes a long way.

The only thing we want to mention is the quantity of confetti that you get with this order. While 25 handfuls may seem like a reasonable estimate, everyone’s expectations may vary. Some people have reported that you’ll need at least 2 bags in order to have enough for any sizable event.

But if you are looking to add a sort of refined elegance to your ceremony, you can’t go wrong with the White Cream Ivory Wedding Confetti.

#6 – Revealations Gender Reveal Confetti Powder Cannon

Key Features:

  • Uses biodegradable tissue paper, cornstarch powder, and food-grade dye
  • Great for the strong visual impact that’s needed for a gender reveal
  • Comes with both blue and pink tubes
  • Acts as a safe, eco-friendly alternative to other gender reveal methods

If you haven’t been under a rock, you’ve probably at least heard about the gender reveal fire that an unfortunate couple ended up causing. With gender reveal parties exploding in popularity, it’s best to engage in celebrations that are harmless and even good for the environment.

Enter the Revealations Gender Reveal Confetti Powder Cannon. This confetti popper is loaded with eco-friendly tissue paper and dyed cornstarch powder. Both are biodegradable and won’t have any lasting impact on the environment. Each pack comes with 4 tubes – 2 filled with blue-colored materials and 2 filled with pink-colored materials. The colors are made with food-grade dye, meaning that they are harmless to the environment and to animals that may consume them.

The poppers themselves are pretty strong and able to launch the contents up to 15 feet in the air. And with it comes a colorfully safe plume of smoke that announces the gender of the child. And since each color comes with 2 tubes, both parents can get in on the exciting fun!

The bottoms of the tube are conveniently color-coded so that you know which is which. And once you do know, cover-up stickers are provided in order to keep the surprise going until the very end. The reveal is sure to be an intense, visual spectacle.

Customers love these confetti cannons, saying that:

  1. The exploding cannons made the reveal a perfect occassion.
  2. They loved how the cannons turned out.
  3. The product is great for the price.

Now, some people have had some issues with the confetti poppers themselves. Some have stated that the bottom can be hard to twist, which might throw off the timing of the reveal. Another suggested that pictures be taken quickly, as the smoke from the tubes tends to fade quickly.

Even so, the Revealations Gender Reveal Confetti Powder Cannon is a solid choice for an eco-friendly, exciting, and entertaining gender reveal celebration. Just make sure that you aim the cannons away from each other!

#7 – Vibrant Biodegradable Confetti Mix

Key Features:

  • Uses biodegradable, paper-thin material
  • Useful for confetti bars, baskets, bags, balloons, tables, vases, mixed media art, and more
  • Specialized for birthday parties, colorful weddings, parades, and more

Like the #3 and #5 on our list, the Vibrant Confetti Mix is fashioned from paper-thin, biodegradable material. The vibrant, rainbow-colored confetti mix is designed to dazzle guests as it gorgeous sight. And thanks to its multi-colored nature, it has a variety of uses like decorating confetti bars, baskets, vases, tables, and even balloons.

Kids will absolutely love this confetti. Its colorful appearance and ease of use can spark a ton of happiness in kids. Have you ever seen a kid not excited to throw around rainbow confetti? We sure haven’t.

But don’t think that this confetti is just for kids. While the color scheme is fairly unconventional for weddings, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. The variety of colors mingling with a happy bride’s white dress is a stunning sight in its own right. Plus, it gives a wedding venue a bit of pizzazz and makes it feel unique.

Customers have highly rated this confetti, stating that:

  1. It’s elegant, vibrant, and mixed really well.
  2. It stays in the air just long enough for a photo.
  3. It’s very coloful.

But like #3 and #5 on our list, there are similar issues. Some have said that the quantity is low for the price and the colors aren’t as vibrant as what is advertised.

But as these complaints are in the minority, it’s clear that the Vibrant Confetti Mix is a great choice for your social event needs. Sometimes, the only thing a party needs is a little bit of color.

#8 – Peachy Party Poppers Confetti Cannons

Key Features:

  • Uses biodegradable, paper-thin material
  • Specialized for new year’s celebrations, modern wedding send-offs, and birthday party fun
  • Easy twist, slow-fall confetti extends the window for picture-perfect shots

The Peachy Party Poppers Confetti Cannons are a delight for many celebrations, especially the big ones like New Year parties and holiday parades. That’s because these 12-inch confetti poppers pack quite a punch – up to 30 feet of fluttering multi-colored confetti to be precise!

Thanks to the circular design, these confetti pieces fall a bit more slowly than standard confetti flakes, making them the perfect choice for easily capturing any fun-filled experience.

And since the material is biodegradable, you won’t have to worry about harming the environment if some pieces get away from you.

If you plan to have younger kids use these, make sure to provide adequate supervision. You don’t want a kid exploding one of these in another kid’s face, trust us. Otherwise, kids will have a blast using these just as any adult would.

Other people love this product too. Some of them have stated that:

  1. It gets the job done.
  2. They are “poptacular”.
  3. Easy to use, great fun, and a unique way for their kids to ring in the new year.
  4. They really pack a punch, shooting confetti high into the air with ease.

Some people have reported that one of their confetti cannons was defective and did not pop properly. Others stated that you don’t get as much confetti with these poppers as you do with some others.

Overall, the Peachy Party Poppers Confetti Cannons are a simple, yet effective way to blast some excitement into your celebrations. If you want to grab the best confetti photo out there, try using one of these confetti cannons to do that job.

#9 – BATTIFE White Heart Shaped Biodegradable Confetti

Key Features:

  • Made from biodegradable, thin tissue paper
  • Specialized for weddings and wedding-based events
  • Unique heart-shape provides the perfect accessory to wedding photos and decor

BATTIFE White Heart Shaped Confetti is a fantastic addition to weddings. The heart-shaped pieces are cute and sure to bring about the warm, happy feeling that comes with any beloved union.

What’s nice about this confetti is that the heart-shaped pieces are made with biodegradable, thin tissue paper. Not only does this make it eco-friendly, but it also allows the confetti to float longer in the air. This will let you extend the magical display without needing as much confetti, which is a win for both your picture book and your wallet.

Just make sure to fluff these hearts before use. They are vacuum-sealed in a bag and might be a bit clumped together. You can dump them in a bowl and “fluff” them with your hands before use. This will give you the best results, so you don’t want to skip this part!

You can also use this confetti for other events like bridal showers, holiday celebrations (Valentine’s Day, anyone?), or even special birthday parties. As long as the heart-shaped pieces fit the event, they’ll work perfectly for your confetti needs.

Other customers highly rate this product, stating that:

  1. It was more than enough for 80 people.
  2. They worked perfectly once they were properly fluffed.
  3. They provided amazing wedding pictures.

Almost universally, the #1 complaint was that this confetti needed to be separated and un-clumped prior to use. Depending on how many you get, this can range from an hour to a week.

But if a bit of work doesn’t bother you, then BATTIFE White Heart Shaped Confetti is sure to fit your celebratory needs. The heart-shapes really add another dimension of beauty to an already beautiful moment, especially for weddings.

#10 – Eco-Friendly Confetti Dried Flowers and Petals

Key Features:

  • Uses biodegradable, eco-friendly dried rose petals and flowers
  • Specialized for outdoor weddings, parties, and other nature-based events
  • Plant-based confetti is generally more accepted in venues, making it a good choice if other forms of confetti are banned

We love using natural materials as an eco-friendly substitute for traditionally non-eco-friendly products. The Confetti Dried Flowers and Petals is a perfect example of that. If you love botanical substitutes and want to try out rose petal and flower confetti, you can’t go wrong with this brand.

What we like the most about this type of confetti is its natural appearance. There is a sort of elegance and mature joy that accompanies roses. This makes them a great choice for social events that adults will be the primary audience. That’s not to say that kids won’t love these two, but you’ll definitely get more appreciation from an older crowd.

While the petals and flowers are dried enough to make them very light, they will not flutter to the same degree nor as long as paper confetti does. Keep that in mind if you plan to toss them as part of a photo moment.

Where this confetti really shines is as decorative pieces. You can turn your venue into a mini arts-n-crafts project. Get your creativity shining and transform your venue into a rose-filled delight.

Other customers have enjoyed this product very much, saying that:

  1. The confetti is large enough to be seen in photos, which made with look outstanding.
  2. They smell so good.
  3. They enjoyed not having to worry about damaging the environment.
  4. You get a good amount despite how small the bag initially looks.

The only thing we suggest you be aware of is the smell. Roses, and flowers in general, tend to be very fragrant. If you are sensitive to smells and still want to try these rose petals out, then we recommend airing them out prior to use. This should greatly reduce the smell that was otherwise trapped in the bag.

If all of that sounds like a great deal to you, then you should consider picking up Confetti Dried Flowers and Petals. As an eco-friendly, natural, and unique confetti option, we know that you’ll love using it!

What to Look Out for When Picking Out Biodegradable Confetti

Here are a few things that you should be on the lookout for when choosing biodegradable confetti.

The Types Of Confetti

There are a few different types of confetti that you should be aware of. These include metallic or foil confetti, rose petal confetti, and paper confetti. Each of them is used in different situations, but their ecological impact should also be taken into account.

Metallic/Foil/Plastic Confetti

Metallic or foil confetti will typically be used as a decoration. This type of confetti reflects light, causing it to shine and glimmer. This is useful for highlighting certain areas or giving your surroundings a fun gleam.

Unfortunately, this type of glitter is also the least eco-friendly. Metallic confetti is not biodegradable nor compostable, meaning that it’ll stick around long after its use.

Plastic confetti is a bit rarer and used in substitution for foil confetti, but it is equally as bad for the environment. Plastic will not biodegrade, but it can easily break down into microplastics and negatively impact animal health.

We recommend staying away from these kinds of confetti.

Rose Petals and/or Flowers

Rose petals are a great eco-friendly alternative to metallic, foil, and plastic confetti. While not technically “confetti”, dried rose petals offer a festive, elegant look that compliments adult celebrations. Rose petals are especially great for weddings, as guests will usually prefer the less intrusive rose petals as opposed to traditional confetti.

Rose petals can come in a variety of shapes and colors. And if you really want to, you can even make your own, customizing your selection to best fit your needs.

And they are eco-friendly, too. After you are done with them, you can easily clean them up (easier to gather since they are larger than traditional confetti) or leave them be if the venue allows for it. They will naturally biodegrade and not cause any lasting negative ecological impacts.

Just be aware of the smell. Some companies add artificial smells to the bags, which can trigger unpleasant things like allergies. Some roses and flowers are naturally very fragrant, which may lead to the same issues. If you do come across this and it’s a problem, we recommend airing them outside for a day or so before use.

Biodegradable Paper Confetti

When people think of confetti, they usually imagine a bunch of paper confetti being tossed into the air or dropped out of the sky. Raining down tons of colorful pieces of confetti is part of what makes big celebrations so fun. It’s fun to look at, fun to throw, and lasts an all-around solid staple to any celebration.

It’s just not very fun to clean, nor is it a good time finding pieces of confetti still around you a week after the party. So while they “could” be used outdoors, just be aware that some outdoor venues will not allow the use of confetti due to how hard it is to clean.

Paper confetti is simply a thin piece of tissue paper, similar to that of toilet paper. This paper is designed to break down, making it biodegradable. While it degrades over time, there is little impact on the environment.

Now, we should mention that paper confetti has had some criticisms, mainly in the dye that gives confetti its vibrant color. Critics claim that this dye can leach into the environment, causing harm through chemical exposure.

However, we could not find evidence to support this claim. While it’s true to synthetic dyes can be problematic for the environment, this is usually a problem with clothing where dye is significantly concentrated. Paper confetti uses very little dye, to begin with. Furthermore, there are several eco-friendly confetti companies that use natural coloring, significantly reducing the potential for ecological problems.

We always recommend that you do your own research before buying anything, but we believe that biodegradable, eco-friendly paper confetti is safe for the environment.

The Shape And Size

This is one of the fun parts you get to experience when picking out confetti. You may not realize it at first, but confetti comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

So which shape and size should you go for? It depends on what you want for your special day. Many people like to go with stars for events like birthdays and anniversaries. If you are feeling especially romantic, heart-shaped confetti can be a cute addition to a wedding ceremony/reception.

You can even mix and match confetti if you are looking to be a bit more unique. For example, releasing confetti from a high position can create a powerful visual effect as it rains down; there is more for the eye to catch.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Confetti is used in times of celebration, so make sure to have fun with it!

The Amount

You should be aware of how much confetti is in your chosen bag. The amount of confetti that you will need is dependent on how you want to use it.

If you are going to use confetti as part of a massive ball drop, then you will need many liters of confetti.

If you are going to use confetti as a prop that wedding guests can throw in the air, then you will need a certain amount depending on the number of guests. With a guest list of 150 people and assuming that 75 of them actually toss a handful or two of confetti, we recommend getting at least 10 – 15 liters of confetti. That way, you can ensure that you will have enough confetti to go around.

If you are going to use confetti as a decorative addition to tables, then you’ll only need about 1 to 2 liters worth depending on how many tables you plan to decorate.

It’s best to hit the sweet spot when it comes to choosing the right amount of confetti, but we recommend getting more rather than less if you aren’t sure. This is because you’d rather have more confetti than needed than panic about getting more when you release you are out at the last second.

The Color

Like with shapes and sizes, the color of the confetti is also a fun part of the selection process. However, color weighs a bit more heavily than shapes and sizes do because they can enhance or diminish the atmosphere of the event.

You might not want baby blue confetti fragments sprinkled all over a pink-themed event, for example. Having rainbow confetti at an office party may seem strange, too.

Here are some suggestions from what other people have been doing:

  • Gender reveal parties – blue for boy and pink for girl
  • Weddings – white and gold
  • Office parties – white, gold, gray, or black
  • Anniversaries – favorite color for the couple
  • Birthdays – red, blue, pink, or rainbow

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Don’t get too hung up on color coordination if you are set on a certain confetti color. You might just be pleasantly surprised by the results of what seems to be a mismatched pair.

Other Miscellaneous Attributes

While confetti is an important celebratory tool, there are some properties about it that should be addressed.

Let’s start with the basics. As we addressed earlier, that are multiple types of confetti. But we are currently only interested in paper confetti, as this is generally accepted as being the most eco-friendly.

Paper is a biodegradable substance, no doubt about it. And due to the thinness of confetti, it’s even easier for it to biodegrade. The coloring that’s dyed into the confetti will eventually bleed out of the paper and into the environment, however. This coloring may or may not be environmentally friendly; there just hasn’t been enough research done on it to make a conclusive statement.

We understand that this may be a concern for some people. To those people, you might want to try environmental alternatives like leaf confetti. But we do not believe that paper confetti is bad for the environment.

Also, please note that biodegradable is does NOT mean that it will break down within a few hours of use. If you plan to use biodegradable confetti on property that requires it to be clean by the time you are done, you will have to pick up this confetti. Biodegradable confetti will take a few weeks to biodegrade in natural conditions, faster if there are other environmental factors in play.

Wrap Up

All right, that wraps up our list of the top 10 best biodegradable confetti. We hope you enjoyed it!

As always, thanks for reading! We appreciate you stopping by.

Let’s continue to strive for a greener, better way of living!